Royal Copenhagen has a long history and porcelain tradition. From the founding of the Royal Danish Porcelain Factory in 1775 and until today, Royal Copenhagen has been known for its high quality, unique products and its distinctive and famous designs and patterns.

Royal Copenhagen has the rights to the trademarks and designs used on their products and the products themselves. This applies both for the Fluted pattern and the Mega Fluted pattern as well as sections of these patterns. In addition, Royal Copenhagen has the rights to the bottom stamps used on Royal Copenhagen's products including the three wavy lines.

Unauthorised use

That Royal Copenhagen has the rights to their products and to a large part of the trademarks bottom stamps and patterns used on their products, means that it is not permitted to use, copy and imitate Royal Copenhagen's products, trademarks or designs in a commercial context. This also applies to trademarks and patterns in colors than those used by Royal Copenhagen, and when used on other types of products.

Royal Copenhagen does not give permission to use the products, trademarks and patterns for a commercial purpose, meaning that no other than Royal Copenhagen itself can employ these.

For Royal Copenhagen it is important to safeguard the rights related to the products, trademarks and patterns and any unauthorised use will therefore be sanctioned.

What characterises the original Royal Copenhagen products?
Royal Copenhagen's contemporary product range can be found on
You can also always identify original Royal Copenhagen products on the stamp at the bottom of the products. The stamps used by Royal Copenhagen have changed over time, which also makes it possible for you to date your product. You can find examples of which stamps Royal Copenhagen has used over the years here.

Please help Royal Copenhagen to stop copy cats

To protect and preserve the Royal Copenhagen's heritage, products and rights, Royal Copenhagen investigates and sanctions diligently unauthorised use of their trademarks and patterns, and take the necessary steps to stop any production, marketing and sale of counterfeit goods.

You can help fight the copy cats as follows: If you find that other brands or companies than Royal Copenhagen or their dealers sell similar products or use trademarks or patterns that look similar to those used on Royal Copenhagen products - for example the Fluted or the Mega Fluted pattern - you can send an email to

In your correspondence (and if possible) please link to the web page where you have seen the product or state at which store the product is marketed or sold.

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